Hong Kongers have a passion that eclipses their love for politics, shopping and even the stock market. Yet, there is more to this. With the introduction of leisure facilities ranging from the challenging golf course to stimulating hockey match, this city is home to many Punjabi sportsmen. For decades, numerous hockey clubs have been established and played by the sportsmen from all walks of life. Singh Sabha Sports Club, aka, SSSC, is one of the teams that has acquired reputation, so here’s the what, where, and how to this growing team.

Singh Sabha Sports Club (SSSC) is an Indian Sports Club from Hong Kong. SSSC was first founded in 1985. It was originally formed as the Bullets Hockey Club. In the year of 2000, the club was replaced its name to Singh Sabha Sports Club. In 31 years of time, SSSC has continuously tasted victories in various leagues, cups and tournaments.

That was not it. The club continued to expand. By 2012, the club has reached its pinnacle with three men and one mini-hockey team. From the scores, one would likely presume the club merely has talented players but that is not the case. We do have “International” players coming from different countries to play for our club. The ultimate success of this team depends on the team players’ persistence to succeed. There is a saying; hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Suffice to say, communication, group effort and the will to win planted the very success of the team.

From these totals it is easy to assume that the club succeeds on talent alone, but this is not the case. The success of the club is ultimately based on its pride and determination to succeed. Individual talent can only carry a team so far and in a team sport it is communication, group effort, and self-sacrifice that determine its eventual success. Singh Sabha Hockey Club etches this team effort concept into all of its players to form a cohesive bond both on and off the pitch.

There are many people who could be named who have helped the club extensively, however they are too many to be mentioned, but without these people we would probably not have achieved what we have. So to all those members past and present well done and here to the next 10 years.

Although much has been accomplished, the club has a long way to go in securing its future. Over the next year or so, the executive hopes to establish a vision for the future. This will only be successful with everyone help and support.

SSSC celebrates over 30 years of quality field hockey today. SSSC became the only team in Hong Kong to win 6 trophies in a year in all league competitions, tournaments & cups in 2014 & 2015.

Our club welcomes anyone and everyone. Play international tournaments / friendly tournaments in China, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Club has professional umpires to help Hong Kong Hockey association. Club has weekly training programmes.